duminică, 29 ianuarie 2012

© Pure illusion

       Loving you is like making love with the wind. Hear and feel me when I scream my pain out. 
        All I know is that you got to give everything: all your breathe, all your laugh and all your body. Try to make me feel complete two and three minutes, four or five days, and an eternity.
       I`ll stay up till` 4 in the morning just to make you smile. I`ll entertain every piece of your body with my sweet kiss. Your body is shaking while I am touching it, and that shows me your fear of me. Don`t be afraid of me, because I need you to turn me over.
       Please, save all your love that you feel for me into your pure and naive heart. Keep it there till` it gets old and grey. Keep it there till` you`ll find that early winter for us that will bring the snow in your soul. 
       Love me in the storm of your tears. I`ll take your tears away and I`ll bring you sunshine. Make me cry a river for you. Then just swim into the sea of my tears. But don`t forget to take me to the world of nothing but just you and me.
       My darling, my heart, my obsession..that`s what you are for me. Let me dance into the rythm of your arms and keep me close to your chest. Then, I`ll put on me your black T-Shirt and I`ll watch you sleeping. Maybe I will be away when you wake up or maybe I`ll smile for you. I am just the illusion of your deep wishes.
     Don`t worry..you just had the wind into your arms.

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