luni, 21 noiembrie 2011

© Would you stay with me?

       Here I am. In this creepy room. I am looking through the window. Fog. Fog here, fog everywhere. I cannot find a piece of serenity. I don`t know if I`m sad or happy.
       I`ve been laying in this bed for plenty of hours but nothing happened. It`s just me and this silent room. Sometimes I see your face, sometimes it`s too blurry to see it again. Would you listen to my song? I wanted to sing but my guitar broke... I wanted to yell, but my voice couldn`t say anything. I tried to catch the sounds of my voice, but they fade away.
        Suddenly, my bed started to float. I felt that I am somewhere far away. Maybe on the ocean, or a sea... I heard the sounds of two seagulls and I smiled. In that moment I knew that I am somewhere far away from my room. I opened my eyes. Round and round me was only water. I looked above me. There was the sky... I felt the warming of the sun covering me, then came into my skin. Finally, I felt it into my heart. It was like a huge hug in such a lovely atmosphere.
        I tried to touch the water, but when I was about to do it something strange happened. My dear sky, where have you gone?
       I woke up. I am in my room. It`s dark now... I see your face now, it`s here. Please, would you stay with me? The fog blinds me...

3 comentarii:

  1. îmi place foarte mult! (ai face bine să postezi mai desss :-w)

  2. multumesc Anca >:D< postez si eu cand am timp si imi vin ceva idei :">

  3. atunci sper să ai inspiraţie mai des >:D<