marți, 27 martie 2012

© Coffee and sunshine

  Good morning! It`s 7 o`clock in the morning. I am watching the sky and listening to some old songs that I found in your car. You`re still sleeping, but don`t worry, I have the coffee and the music with me.`s really a nice morning, and I have the feeling that I`m gonna have a special day. I don`t really care about the time that I will have to spend into a room, maybe working, or just fooling around, cuz now I`m here, drinking my cup of coffee while you are sleeping.
     I am wondering what are you dreaming of. I hope that nothing bothers your sleep , cuz you are really cute. A noise takes me out from my wonders. Someone hit the table, and that means that you woke up.
         Come here, sit down. I`m going to bring you a cup of coffee as bigger as mine. You know, sometimes nothing`s better than just your face in the morning, and your playful hair. It makes me smile and feel like I don`t need something else.
        Here`s your coffee. Enjoy your sunshine, dear love. :)

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