vineri, 6 aprilie 2012

© A letter to my heart

         Hello there. :) I am sorry for waking you up. I was just passing by and I wondered whether I should or not tell you a story.
         I will start with the story of a little heart that I found on the road few days ago: One day, there was a little, poor and kind heart, who had always dreamt of a day when she will find her Prince Charming. Finally, that day came and the little heart felt so much happiness. She laughed, singed, and felt kind of a joy that she couldn`t explain. But, one day, this heart started to feel unhappy because she thought that her Prince Charming doesn`t love her anymore. Of course, that wasn`t true, but she cried and cried for a long time. She felt lonely and unhappy. Suddenly, all her paradise started to become a hell full of sadness and tears around. No more love, no more joy, everything disappeared.
              When I found her on the road she told me that she`s broken, but I felt kind of confused cuz I couldn`t understand the meaning of this word "broken". Then, she started to bleed so deep that I was really freaked out! She was crying and screaming, and finally she broke into a hundred of pieces. There were pieces all around me, and I was so scared that I couldn`t even say a single word.
               Then, I felt such a huge sadness inside me that I started to cry. That poor heart loved so much her Prince Charming and this love brought her to the death. Wasn`t she suppossed to live happy? Someone who loves so much have to be always loved!!!
              That`s why, my dear heart, I wanted to tell you this story. If you ever feel so sad don`t break into pieces, because you are a very important part of me. I would feel so lost and so bad, that I will cannot be able to support our body anymore. If someone hurts you just tell me and I will try as soon as possible to heal your wounds. You can`t suffer, I will never allow someone to make you break into pieces, cuz you are my little heart.

With love, your Brain.

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