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A Millionaire`s First Love

"Nothing is more important than the true love of your heart."

                 A Millionaire`s First Love Quotes:

Kang Jae-kyung:"-Never seen it before."      
Eun-Hwan : " - What? "
Kang Jae-kyung:"-A girl cooking. "

Kang Jae-kyung:"- I haven`t even told her that I like her"     
 The Doctor:"-She can't afford to be upset or surprised. And love can kill her.  If she gets too happy or excited her heart could stop."
 Kang Jae-kyung:" No. No way. That`s bullshit!"

Eun-hwan:"- I like you so much. You made me worry to death. Right? "
Kang Jae-kyung:"- You missed one. I'd like to keep you by my side all day."

  Eun-hwan:"-I`m so happy that I think I`m going to hell."
  Father:"-What are you talking about?"
  Eun-hwan:"-I`ll end up hurting him. Knowing that, I miss him. I wanna hold his hands and be with him. What makes me happy now will hurt him later."
  Father:"-Don`t be afraid to be happy."
 Kang Jae-kyung:"-Eun-whan! Eun-whan, stay with me. Fool. If it hurts, scream. Hold me and cry. Don't try to hide it.  It hurts me so much. I feel as if I'd die before you! "
 Eun-hwan:"-I'm scared, Jae-kyung. I'm so scared. My heart it`s broken. Because I love you enough fr my heart to burn."

  Kang Jae-kyung:" Wondering why I like you, I miss you. It`s a disease. It`s raining. The rain can`t cool down my love for you. If he stakes out a house for an hour he`s called a stalker. And I did that for two. When I`m with you at night it feels as if it were day."

 Kang Jae-kyung:"-Sorry that I couldn`t do anything for you."
 Eun-hwan:"-Fool! You`ve brought me happiness. I`m sleepy. Let me sleep for 3 minutes."
 Kang Jae-kyung:"-Eun-hwan..."
 Kang Jae-kyung:"-I love you."

                      Kang Jae-kyung:" Eun-hwan... it`s been over 3 minutes."


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