luni, 4 iunie 2012


    The smell of your dreams is in my nose and I`m trying to get rid of it. The image of me and you together is still with me in every part of my body and I`am thinking of the infinity of our love.
    The eternity wants to take me away from you , but yet I won`t go. I want to light up the fire of the passion, I want to die in the arms of  the burning fire and then wake up and start all over again. It`s a crazyness in my body right now, because the sound of the silence makes me get insane. I will destroy every piece of the wind and I will fight against the clouds with my only finger.
     Give me your hand and we`ll sail into infinity of this universe. I am going to leave behind all the memories of our first fight, all the chances to get back to the real life. We are alone and we can`t escape from this nothing. My veins are full of your euphoria and your blood disappeared when you took the train to immensity.
I don`t want this moment to be over, because we`ll become sober when tomorrow of this tomorrow will come. Let me save the last seconds together and turn them into infinity.
     Nothing is above this night, nothing is above the stars and the rain. If you let go of my hand the night will explode into hundred pieces of lights...
 Never let go!

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